new old bike frame project

16 07 2010


Thomas Junior

7 05 2007

Thomas JuniorThis is the latest picture of Thomas Junior – who is due to make an appearance on the 15 August 2007.  I think you will agree the baby looks very cute.  Clara and I are getting quite excited now…

Beardy Type Activities

3 05 2007

It’s a sure sign that I’m getting old – I thought it would be a good idea to build my own canoe…

So, I downloaded some plans from t’internet, bought the cheapest 3mm plywood I could find, stuck it all together with some sticky back plastic and a few months later I launched Blue Peter 1.

Here are some pics of the first sea trials – what next sandals and socks like Dinny!

Canoe first sea trials

Dead chuffed - its not sunk yet!  Me and my boat - built it myself


19 04 2007

Check it out, I’m famous – in the medical world at least.  White water rafting though, what a nerve, don’t they know I’m a hardcore kayaker!  It’s a shame they didn’t diagnose whilst I was in hospital though – maybe I would not have had to spend two weeks in there… 

“Three cases of overseas-acquired leptospirosis were reported during the first quarter of 2005, all were in males aged under 50 years. Two had been to the Dominican Republic where one, a serviceman, had been quad biking and the other, who had undertaken water sports, was identified with Leptospira serovar hardjo. The third, who had been white water rafting in Equador, was identified with Leptospira serovar cynopteri.”

Communicable Disease Report Weekly Vol 15 No. 27, 7 July 2005 

Kayaking is not a Crime

20 03 2007

Kayaking is not a Crime!

Take a Look – Free access to all UK rivers now!

My Second English River

27 02 2007

Cross Deck Rail Grab

This weekend I headed up to the Tees with Greg and some of his friends from FOA Canoe Club, to experience my second ever English white water river.  To my surprise (well not really) the water levels were really low and the only bits that had enough water to be enjoyable were the vertical bits. 

Anyway Low Force gave us a chance to do an impromptu multiple boof session – some of which were captured on camera by Jo McCusker….




                         img_2472.jpgGreg Mc - a man in complete control of his kayakGreg Stannard - the perfect boof!Running Low Force

Greg and Emillie’s Wedding

18 02 2007

On 16th February, one of my boating buddies Greg got married to the delghitful Emillie.  They had a fantastic day – here is a picture to prove it…                                                            Greg amd Emillie